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Kraken Con welcomes hundreds of anime and animation fans

Kraken Con welcomes hundreds of anime and animation fans

Kraken Con provided a melange of guests with tales of whimsy and imagination in their areas of work that included anime, a hit Cartoon Network program, and crowd funded projects with charm and potential. Excited to meet these guests in person, attendees came in with plenty of questions about the creative process that made their beloved programs come to fruition. And some came to Kraken Con cosplaying as characters of said beloved programs such as “Adventure Time’s” BMO (voiced by Frederator Studios’ storyboard artist Niki Yang) or the “Adventure Time” gender swapped character designs from artist Natasha Allegri.

The Kraken Con panels were not only a way for fans to discuss their favorite shows with the guests. They were a way for the guests to introduce their work to those who never saw it. A few casual “Adventure Time” viewers who attended Natasha Allegri’s panel because her name was attached to the animated show suddenly found themselves interested in her pet project “Bee and PuppyCat.”

Attendees who weren’t interested in “Adventure Time” and/or wanted a more hands on anime convention experience found that Kraken Con had plenty of live events that fit the bill. Through Tea Time Cafe, the anime convention offered a Maid Cafe experience where attendees could enjoy snacks, entertainment, and time spent with a uniformed maid or butler. Cosplayers were all around the convention willing to pose for a photo or two. Some even participated in the costume contest for prizes and recognition.

Gaming was another feature of Kraken Con. And it was more than the video game area with free to play consoles available. Attendees had a chance to test their improv skills with the Create That Anime Game Show. Then there was the Karken Con exclusive collectible card game, where attendees built their deck by visiting various areas of the anime convention.

By the end of the day, Kraken Con was proud to announce a turn out of nearly 1400 paid attendees and over 1600 warm bodies at the Oakland Convention Center for their convention. The future is looking bright for this growing anime convention as the next Kraken Con plans to expand into a two day affair on October 4 5 at the same Oakland Convention Center. Topping it off, they’re already proud to announce the convention’s first guest: Eric Stuart; known for voicing the original Brock and James from “Pokemon.”

Thank you, Kraken Con, for a fun packed day and best of luck in future events. Be sure to follow Kraken Con on their website and Facebook to keep up to date on what they have in store.

Lowest Prices The Wall Street Casino

Lowest Prices The Wall Street Casino

Would you invest differently if you understood the myriad hidden costs fees that impact millions of investors? Of course you would and the passive investment advantages described in this unique novel will ignite any investor curiosity to explore opportunities specific to their needs with their fee only licensed advisor. Fantasy combines with education in an intriguing, enjoyable fashion keep you turning the pages. Doing so can improve the way you perceive, investigate and execute your investments. It is, after all, your retirement. This book can help you arrive in style!Prices, offers, variations, and accessibility may vary Inexpensive and will be offering Unique Prices upon all of objects. The Wall Street Casino with the Excellent Cost savings Shipping.Spend less The Wall Street Casino This is usually a fantastic product or service. There are the many jumps and. I became seeking plus more. . Ensure you get your Nowadays Purchase!, Usually Warships around 1 or 2 trading days This really is a very wonderful Items Lowest price Accessible.Reading the review was inspiring in that the critical review by “Avid Reader” proves the efficacy of the unique approach used in creating “The Wall Street Casino”. The reviewer was able to recall the salient educational features in vivid detail however, did misquote the term; “nice figured” in a reference to Jane. The term do not appear in the descripton of Jane Cromwell. To wit; page 25 describes Jane as “27 years old with a fair complexion and an attractive figure.” Avid Reader is correct in stating the the book is “deadly in its earnestness”. That is so because the book was deliberately designed with a plot in an effort to “keep the reader turning the pages” as clearly stated on the book”s back cover. Such a book cannot teach the prophetic lessons that, unfortunately, continue to surround economies throughout the world.Thank you “Avid Reader” for your confirmation of the educational qualities of a “simple yarn”. We have been gratified by the great number of positive reviews the new book has garnered.Blackjack Background and Card CountingGreat Prices Danita Delimont Mississippi Mississippi, Ameristar Casino, Mississippi River US25 WBI0112 Walter Bibikow CapsWinning At Video Poker The Only 4 Tips You Need to Win BigOn Sale Danita Delimont Las Vegas Nevada, Las Vegas. McCarran Airport, slot machines US29 WBI0152 Walter Bibikow Mouse PadsLowest Prices Police Officer Prayer Oath Public Service T ShirtOnline Poker Are Titan Poker “Jackpot” SNG Tournaments Worth the Extra RakeSpecial Prices (Cybertela) Coyote The Player Mens V neck T shirt Gambling TeeCheap 17 inch Rikki KnightTM Casino theme Laptop SleeveSpecial Discount Blackjack Sucks Mens Hoodie Sweat ShirtSpecial Prices MONTECRISTI PANAMA HAT MUSEUM STRAW QUALITY AFICIONADO STYLEDanita Delimont Las Vegas Las Vegas, Nevada. Las Vegas strip at night US29 MDE0008 Michael DeFreitas Key Chains Best Price

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How to Win at Solitaire Blitz

How to Win at Solitaire Blitz

PopCap’s Solitaire Blitz (SB) is a fun and simple version of the original card game. Aimed at the casual gaming crowd, the game focuses more on ranks instead of suits and colors. All you have to do is play those that are higher or lower in rank than the card on the build pile.

In SB, players can compete against their friends’ score in their bid to top the online leaderboard. Also, the “20,000 Thousand Leagues Under the Sea” look and feel makes the game even more attractive. The treasure hunting twist and the impressive nautical artwork are some aspects to look out for.

It’s not chance that helps your score points; there’s also some strategy required to win. Here are some tips, hints and tricks to get your card matches straight and score more points in Solitaire Blitz.

How to Play?1. You have some stacks, a deck to draw cards and a build pile where all higher and lower ranked cards get moved onto the build pile(s). You don’t have to play the ranked cards in ascending or descending order. Any card from the stacks can be played in any order, only condition is that the card’s rank has to be one higher or one lower than the rank on the build pile(s). Also, there is no color or suit matching hassles.

2. In SB, a total of 67 cards are dealt out to make 7 stacks. The rest 41 cards form the pile where players can draw card (s) in case they don’t find a high or low ranked card within those stacks. While drawing cards, they should remember that the 41 card pile can be used only once.

3. The game has a 60 second time limit. When the game starts, the top card from the draw pile is revealed and placed on the build pile. This triggers the timer. Players will have to empty cards from the 7 stacks within the one minute time limit. The more cards get moved onto the pile, the more they score.

Example: If the top card of the build pile is 7 spades, and suppose the stack has 8 hearts or 6 clubs, the player can click on any of these cards to move it onto the build deck. This also applies for all cards, including Kings, Queens, Jacks and Aces. Players have a double advantage with Aces, which can be moved onto pile(s) containing Twos or Kings. The game will end once you the timer runs down, or when the player does not have any more moves.

When Do You Earn Bonus Points?There are several card “combos” that earn you bonus points. Here are some combos:

Bonus points are earned when three build piles display cards having the same rank (example 3 3 3)

You can earn points when all three build piles display K, Q and J.

You also earn bonus points with just two ranks, but you will have a play at least 6 in a row (example: 8 9 8 9 8 9)

Bonus points are earned when the cards are moved in descending or ascending ranks.

Solitaire Blitz Strategies to Win LevelsBefore we delve deeper into some key scoring tips, we will first try to understand the various prerequisites that help a player’s score. But first the key scoring factors:

A player scores points for every correct move. Points are earned for every card moved onto the build pile.

Points are also scored for every playing card left in the draw pile. You also score points for the time left this happens after you win the game by clearing all 7 stacks before the timer ends.

Another factor that earns you points is stack clearing. Get rid of all playing cards from a stack to earn more points. The more stacks you get rid of, the more points you earn.

Players earn more points for every run. A “run” happens when a player moves multiple cards from the stacks onto the build pile. This should occur in a row, which means a player should play multiple cards without trying any wrong moves or moving a card from the draw pile.

You earn an extra 1000 points per card when you move four cards onto the pile in rapid succession. When you play the fourth card on a row, without clicking on any wrong card or drawing cards from the draw pile, you earn bonus points.

A card played or any cards left in the draw pile (in case you win) are eligible for “card multipliers”. Simply speaking, a card multiplier works like a score multiplier and multiplies points by 1, 2, 4, 5 and more. A multiplier is earned if you find a fish, which randomly appears while playing. Alternatively, you get fish when you perform a run. Every fish you get earns you a multiplier that multiples your card points by 2, 3 up to 9.

How to Score More Points?

Dexterity and some strategy are important elements to score more in Solitaire Blitz. You will need to play quick before the timer runs out. You will also have to keep a track on cards to make a long run. Here are some more tips:

1. Before clicking on a card to move it onto the build pile, take a look around other 6 stacks and check whether there are cards that can be played on the run.

Example: Suppose the build pile has a 10 spades and the top cards of the stacks are 9 hearts, 8 clubs, 9 clubs and 10 diamonds. You can clearly see a chance to make a run, or at least speed bursts. What you will do is move 9 clubs (or 9 hearts) onto the build pile, and then click on 10 diamonds, 9 hearts and 8 clubs on a row to increase your score. (This is only an example, there might be other ranked cards, but I hope you’ve understood the logic).

2. Sometimes when there’s no card to play, there will be a small glow around the draw tile, giving you a hint to draw a new card.

3. Never miss on a long run, because it will give to plenty of points. Also, chances of small bursts that allow players to play 4 cards give around 1000 points per card once the fourth card is clicked.

4. Keep your stacks balanced. This will definitely give you a better chance to clear all of them at the last moment. A part of this strategy is to play cards from stacks that have more playing cards than the ones that have few. While playing, don’t end up with one very long stack, it dampens the chances of clearing all stacks at the end.

5. Take advantage of “Time Lines”. A time line is a thick yellow line that appears behind those seven stacks. You will have to click on all the face up cards that stand above this time line to gain an additional 20 second bonus time. This increases your time limit and gives you more chance to score.

6. Always try to make long runs. Remember that you get a multiplier for clicking 10 cards in a row. This has to be done without clicking on the wrong cards or any card from the draw pile. Every 10 clicks on a row earns you a score multiplier, which multiplies your card points by 2, 3 4 up to 9. (To learn more about bonus points, check out the blue tip box in this section)

Hints and TricksClear stacks to uncover hidden treasures, which can be anything from rare antiques to crabs to conch shells and sparkling gems. These treasures are kept hidden behind stacks and if you clear any stack, you “unlock” a treasure, which is quickly turned into Silver. You can buy boosters using the Silver earned.

Bee Premium Playing Cards Colors may vary Big Save

Bee Premium Playing Cards Colors may vary Big Save

It is just a excellent merchandise while in the selection Bee Premium Playing Cards (Colors may vary) . Maker warranties to get and be sure the sweetness. On the whole, I might suggest this product in order to anyone because it is not expensive, this can be a excellent item, it is possible to understand and straightforward to play with, in addition to such as it has the maker it is merely. With their patented coating and unique finish, Bee brand cards last longer and give your games superior slip, snap and feel. These standard sized poker cards are suitable for all card games. NOTE: Card decks come in either red or blue. We cannot ship a specific color request.

A large number of internet stores will provide Bee Premium Playing Cards (Colors may vary) at numerous prices. Be sure to obtain only from trustworthy suppliers. Primary advantage is that you simply will not go through shipment and support. Additional critical thing is always that exclusively major vendors have particular discount rates and supply most effective selling price intended for Bee Premium Playing Cards (Colors may vary).

I received two blue decks. They were loose in a white plastic bag. Both boxes were damaged, though not severely. The cards look nice. It remains to be seen how durable they are, including the finish. If they do well and I decide to get more, I will get them from another seller.

P. S. It has come to my attention that Bee playing cards are being counterfeited by a company called Connell Bros. After investigating, I have concluded that it is likely the cards I purchased from this seller were produced by this company. The seller may not have been aware of this problem, but I would advise anyone looking for Bee playing cards to make sure they are getting the genuine article. Information on this issue can be found on the internet in an article entitled, “The Devil”s Picture Book.”

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6. SkyKings Casino 500 Welcome Bonus

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Bridge Size 1546 Design Jumbo Index

Bridge Size 1546 Design Jumbo Index

Far better than I believed Copag Bridge Size 1546 Design Jumbo Index Black Gold If you decide on the following item, Be Certain That you may give it back with no unpleasant incident. At Discount TODAY SALE!!Short Review :

My business is certainly happy from it Copag Bridge Size 1546 Design Jumbo Index Black Gold Easy, Low priced and Compact. Discount prices Daily Bargains!!COPAG cards are considered by many to be the finest in the world. Made from 100% plastic, COPAG cards will last approximately 50 times longer than regular paper cards. This is a set of two BRIDGE sized decks WITH JUMBO INDEX, one black and one gold backed deck. These cards are jumbo index sized and ready for years and years of play! The history of COPAG is directly linked to the history of card games in Brazil. A pioneer in the manufacturing of decks, COPAG has been in this market since the beginning of the century. Albino Gon a graphics designer, founded the company in 1908 in the city of S Paulo. Since its inception, COPAG has maintained its position as the absolute leader in its market segment. Within the United States Market, COPAG has surged to become the market leader in 100% plastic playing cards. Now chosen by more home consumers than any other 100% plastic playing card, COPAG is the preferred brand for thousands. We welcome you to try our world class product and would love to have you as one of our retailers or customers. We are priced to offer a significant value when compared with other higher priced US makers of plastic cards. We guarantee no drop in quality, only a drop in price. Buy a deck of COPAG and you could be using them 30 years down the road. Quite an investment! Your game may change, but your decks will still be the same. Why buy COPAG? Prestige Bring an element of class into your local card game Investment Cards may last 100 times longer than Paper based cards Cost Friendly Significant Savings from other High priced US card makers Perfection ISO 9002 certification will ensure a quality product every time This products takes approximately 2 days to ship. Please note: All personalized items, pub tables, bar stools, billiard lights/large lighting fixtures are custom made items that will take a couple weeks to be made and shipped. Absolutely, of course, you”ll be able to price compare and read product evaluations on Copag Bridge Size 1546 Design Jumbo Index Black Gold and have located at Most affordable Prices or Fantastic Discount together with Quick Super Save Shipping and delivery for.

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Green Postcards

Green Postcards

Cavallo Point The Lodge at the Golden Gate is the newest luxury eco lodge from the creators of the famous Big Sur eco getaway, Post Ranch Inn. Cavallo Point opened this weekend and is inside the Golden Gate National Parks, close to Sausalito.

The hotel is awaiting LEED and Green Seal certification, and their “green initiatives” page on their website is still under construction. But we do know a few things: Some of their rooms were created out from the Fort Baker Officers Residences, built in the 1900s a great example of re using existing structures to cut back on new construction. Guest rooms feature organic linens and towels. The resort’s main restaurant, Murray Circle , creates its menu with food available from local producers. Cavallo Point Institute at the Golden Gate will use the Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy expertise to host sustainability events and programs. It also rumored that groups who hold their own environmental summits at Cavallo Point may get discounts. Room charges include a 5 percent “Environmental Programming and Sustainability Fee” and a $4 donation to the Good Night Foundation, which helps fund local and global community development projects.

One of the things I’m most excited about is Cavallo Point’s intriguing list of adventures and programs. These expert led, multi day programs let you immerse yourself in everything from yoga to “radical knitting” to wine country cooking. The one I had to stop myself from signing up immediately for: The Ultimate Running Experience with Dean Karnazes. Four days of runs, yoga classes, and fantastic food with one of my running heros? Perfect. Now, to start saving up the $1765 to reserve my spot.

If you’re thinking about putting down the cash for one of these kick butt adventures, do it soon: If you sign up for one of their multi day programs by July 1, you get an extra night free. Add them to your own itinerary if you going to be traveling to the park and send me a report! These three are definitely on my to do list for next time.

1. Volunteer in return for a free night of camping at Yosemite. The massage therapist at Yosemite Bug, Derek, had the inside track to scoring a free night at Yosemite. His girlfriend is a ranger there and runs the drop in volunteer program. Derek says he talks it up to everyone who will listen because it’s such a great and underused opportunity. Yosemite visitors can sign up to trade a few hours of light labor (planting trees, digging up blackberry bushes, an invasive species, etc.) you get hands on park education and a voucher for a free night at the park. (Usually $5 to $20.) All you have to do to sign up is visit the main park entrance and ask them to put you to work!

2. Mariposa County wineries: I passed multiple wineries as I drove up Highway 41 from Fresno to Fish Camp, CA, and west on Highways 49 and 140 to Midpines to stay at Yosemite Bug. I’m especially interested in Silver Fox Vineyard because they grow organic grapes.

3. Visit some of the local organic farms to pick berries and gorge myself on fresh produce. I’m sorry I had to leave so early; I saw a flier for the annual “Pick and Gather” at Riverdance Farms two weekends ago. The event is sponsored by local farmers and includes farm tours and organic blueberry and cherry picking. It also promised to “[teach] the importance of our precious regional eco system, sustainability, [and] the value of supporting local small farms and the farmers that feed us!” Sounds like my kind of event; I’ll have to try to make it next year!

I thought national park accommodations were camp sites and bunk houses; I was wrong. I didn get to stay at this uber luxe lodge on my recent trip to the Yosemite area, but it on my wish list for next time (if I can save up the cash). The Ahwahnee Hotel was built in the 1920s to draw rich travelers into the park, a task I sure it continues to successfully fulfill to this day. Its site was chosen for the surrounding vistas; it overlooks Half Dome, Yosemite Falls and Glacier Point. Modern day visitors can look out over those Yosemite landmarks from 123 cottages, suites and deluxe hotel rooms and dine at the famous Ahwahnee Dining Room (“resort casual” dress code required at night). Right now, weekend rooms start at around $439 per night and are slightly lower in the fall and winter seasons.

The Ahwahnee is owned by the Delaware North Company, who also runs Tenaya Lodge, last week splurge feature. Visitors can rest assured their indulgent stay isn harming the surrounding environment, thanks to DNC GreenPath program.

Lonely Planet Buy One Get One Free

See yesterday post for a report on Yosemite Bug spa; a retreat at an extra specia eco hostel in Midpines, California.

Contrary to the lounges in conventional budget hotels

(TV blaring CNN Headline News, generic sofas, picked over danishes at the

breakfast bar), this is a common area people actually seem to enjoy

frequenting. They’ve got a live music schedule posted, and big groups of locals

seem to be eating here as well as guests. As I people watched during dinner,

I’m surrounded by single travelers journaling, tables full of wine sipping boomers, Asian

tourists playing a card game I can’t follow, young backpackers, and resort

employees hanging out after their shifts. I heard Spanish, Eastern European

accents, the Queen English, and languages I couldn’t begin to place all in oneThe food is as good as the crowd. The caf is low key; you

Go Fish Kids Activity

Go Fish Kids Activity

Number of participants: Two to sixLength of time: Ten minutesWhat players will need: A standard deck of 52 cards, or a special deck of “Go Fish” cardsRules of the GameFor many children, Go Fish is the first card game they learn and is the one they remember the longest. Kids are delighted when they get to take a card from their parents or get what they wished for hidden in the deck. Shuffle the cards and deal seven to each player; then take the rest of the cards and spread them face down in the middle. She can ask for a card of any rank, but she must be holding another card of the same rank in her hand. If the player has the requested card, he must hand it over. She then the pair down on the table face up and gets another turn. But if he doesn’t have what she wants, he tells her to “Go Fish.” She then selects a card from the fishing pond and puts it into her hand if she’s not holding its match. If it’s the card she asked for, she announces, “Got what I wished,” sets the pair down on the table, and takes another turn. If it’s a card she has in her hand but not what she asked for, she puts down the pair but doesn’t get another turn. Play goes around in a circle with all the players following the same routine. When one player runs out of cards, he picks up seven more from the pond. When all the cards have been played, the players count up their pairs. If you have any concerns about your own health or the health of your child, you should always consult with a physician or other healthcare professional. Please review the Terms of Use before using this site. Your use of the site indicates your agreement to be bound by the Terms of Use.

e Casino Ace Spade Poker Card Belt Buckle Cs

e Casino Ace Spade Poker Card Belt Buckle Cs

Much better than I assumed Brand:e Casino Ace Spade Poker Card Belt Buckle Cs 013 If you pick this particular unit, Always Make Sure you really may easily send it back without having unpleasant incident. On Discount Sales Currently SALE!!Simple Review :

I will be unquestionably delighted from it Brand:e Casino Ace Spade Poker Card Belt Buckle Cs 013 Simple, Cheap little. Discount prices Weekly Specials!!brand E belt buckle for men and women,great giftObtain A Brand:e Casino Ace Spade Poker Card Belt Buckle Cs 013. I will be getting excited about finding alternative ideas to make usage of. Cheapest Deals Located Unique suggest, Distribution for the Very Limited Time I really like it very much. Would most certainly propose. Buy Yours These days Acquire More Cheap. Life is far more interesting along with Brand:e Casino Ace Spade Poker Card Belt Buckle Cs 013.

Special Prices Decorative all Silk Mens Neck tie: Museum Artifacts Collection Poker Hand/Card Game Theme

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Great Prices ELO 2244L 22″ LED Open frame LCD Touchscreen Monitor 16:9 14 ms / 1920 x 1080 16.7 Million Colors 1,000:1 250 Nit DVI USB VGA Black / E0560

How to Beat Roulette Using the Red Black Roulette System

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